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An embaby is an embryo that has been created during in vitro fertilization. This bracelet is a way to honor your embryo journey.

The hollow heart beads represent an embryo that was transferred that did not take and the solid heart beads represent an embryo that resulted in a baby.

With this bracelet, you tell me your journey with your embryos and I create it for you to wear and remember all the embryos in your journey.

** To Order:**
Choose your size and add it to your cart. 
In the cart, you will see Add Note to Your Order, in that notes section you add the order of your embryos.

example: hollow, hollow, solid, hollow, solid

XS- 6 inches
S- 6.5 inches
M- 7 inches
L- 7.5 inches

• elastic cord
• 18k gold plated round beads
• gold acrylic heart beads