Dolly 1:8

Dolly 1:8

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I do appreciate all things Dolly Parton, but the name pays tribute to my daughter.

Our first frozen embryo transfer ended in an early miscarriage. We were devastated and were figuring out what our next steps would be.

The next transfer worked and we our rainbow baby JoJo.

One of JoJo’s favorite people is the amazing Dolly Parton. So in honor of our JoJo- I give you the Dolly Bracelet.

The bracelets feature a rainbow pattern in honor of all the rainbow babies out there.

1 in 8 couples experience infertility- this bracelet is to show support for those who have or are struggling with infertility.

XS- 6 inches
S- 6.5 inches
M- 7 inches
L- 7.5 inches

• elastic cord
• 18k gold plated round beads
• gold acrylic heart beads

**This can also be made into the 1:4 bracelet**